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91 Nightingale Ln, London SW12 8NX

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How it works

All of our beautiful styles housed at Confetti Bridesmaid are samples, picked personally in a size and colour best suited for that style. During your appointment we encourage your maids to try on as many styles as possible before choosing a colour. Please remember you are trying on for style and will have to use your imagination to picture the dress in your chosen colour. Colours can be decided via swatches supplied by each brand during your appointment. At the end of the appointment, we will take 3 simple measurements of each bridesmaid which will be used to determine their size. Each brand has their own unique sizing so dresses will be made to measurements versus your standard UK sizing you might be familiar with.

1 ½ hour Private Consultation Appointment With Tea, Coffee
Or Fizz, Cost £20
A Personalised Styling Service With A Curated Edit Of Over 120 Samples
An After-Care Service which Includes Recommended Tailoring, Footwear, and Accessories
We offer 30 minute Walk In Appointments to allow for The Bride + 1 to view the collection before
committing to a longer appointment
For appointments please use the contact form below, send us an email or drop us a line.


    91 Nightingale Ln, London SW12 8NX

    Opening hours

    Monday – closed
    Tuesday – closed
    Wednesday – 12 noon-5pm
    Thursday 12 noon-7pm
    Friday 12 noon-7pm
    Saturday 9am-5pm
    Sunday 9am-5pm

    All by Appointment only

    How to Find Us

    We are situated in Nightingale Lane, (Known locally as Between the Commons). We are a short 10 minute walk from Clapham South (Northern Line), Wandsworth Common (National Rail) and Balham (Northern Line and National Rail). There is free street parking at weekends and Monday-Friday with the exception of 10-30am-11.30am.

    Bridesmaid Gifts

    We sell a lovely collection of Bridesmaid Goodies to order such as Personalised Hangers, Tote Bags, Champagne Flutes and Keepsake Boxes. We also sell Faux Pearl Necklaces.

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