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Introducing The Guest Edit

We at Confetti Bridesmaid meet many Mothers of the Bride and Groom and we often discuss what will they be wearing on the special day. We are intrigued to know what they are looking for whether it’s something traditional or are they looking for something a bit more modern and ‘out there’. For the woman who is looking for something traditional then there are plenty of options and stores to cater to them but for the rest then we know it’s a struggle. We suggest a few stores but with the closure of many chains’ options are limited.


That’s why we at Confetti Bridesmaid are extremely excited about Miabelle’s new collection aimed at The Mother of the Bride or Groom.


Miabelle is one of the most exciting new names in the special occasion-wear market and it’s easy to see why. Since launching its first collection in 2021, the brand’s signature silhouettes, tailoring and bold detailing have become a bridesmaid’s favourite across the UK and Ireland.

The Guest Edit, launching in March’23 at The White Gallery, London, is Miabelle’s brand-new collection.


Capturing the quality of their design and tailoring, this collection is designed with Mothers of the Bride and Groom and Wedding guests in mind.


Miabelle was founded by designer Lydia Jones. When describing The Guest Edit aesthetic, she says, “It’s for women who want to dress up, Like, really dress up, for the occasion”.

She was inspired by glamorous adverts of vintage Chanel and Dior, in her Mums old Vogue’s.

The collection features the signature Miabelle look; luxe crepes which drape to the floor, pearly beaded accents, and plenty of bows! Put simply, they’ve created elevated classics to cherish forever.


You can see the collection from June 23 at Confetti Bridesmaid, 91 Nightingale Lane, SW12 8NX