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April Fool

When we were asked to close up shop on the 23rd March I never in a million years thought April would turn out to be a whole month spent in isolation. I really struggled to come to terms with the lockdown and I would definitely say my mental health suffered as I came to terms with it. I became more fearful which in all my 35 years had never driven my life. What we were being asked to do was so foreign for someone who loves to be out and about, socializing with friends and ultimately being free.

Luckily I was not in Lockdown alone I had my mother with me and we were able to navigate through it together. We baked ( just like 99% of the country), we worked out and we did our 100th lap of the development we lived on. As we drew close to the end of the month we reflected, and we planned. Planned for the future of the shop and started to put into action all the improvements we needed to make for when we could reopen, whenever that may be.