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Momentous March

March started off with such great intentions. Riding the success of our opening my mother and I were finding feet, sharpening our tools and managing our ever-growing appointment schedule. Its been a great learning curve appointment after appointment, from solo bridesmaids to the whole bridal squad. We’ve steered our way through each appointment with great success, learning the needs and wants of each and every Bride and her Maids. On 8th March we had our first sale, a lovely group of ladies who knew what they wanted and with our help were able to find it at Confetti Bridesmaid. We marked this event with a glass of champagne and a toast to the success we waited to come. I never proclaimed to know what I was doing but it felt like it was all coming together.

Business will always have its ups and downs, on Friday 13th we temporally closed the doors due to the COVID-19 virus. Having only been open for 4 weeks this was an unprecedented set back. No one could have prepared themselves for having to close their business, but I do believe this time will only make us come back fighting. Weddings may have been postponed but they have not been cancelled and I believe a wedding will be the perfect celebration once isolation has been lifted.

During this time, I am trying to turn each negative into a positive. The break from the day to day running of the store has allowed me to build up my social media presence, work on a window display and research new brands to add. Listening to our customers we have realized there are some areas we can grow into.

Keep Safe

Love Zara x