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91 Nightingale Ln, London SW12 8NX

We Made It!

The last few weeks have been a minefield. I finally got the keys to the shop after a painful couple of weeks of having to take a back seat whilst Solicitors duked it out. One thing I know about myself is I’m an impulsive and impatient individual. Now don’t get me wrong these traits can often be critical to running a successful business but on a personal level it can drive a person insane.Over the last few weeks I have managed to turn a once tired and lonely beauty salon into a vibrant and fashionable Bridesmaid Boutique. Its everything I envisioned and more and on February 14th (The Day of Love) we officially opened our doors and let the leafy suburb of Wandsworth WE HAVE ARRIVED!

As the journey begins, it’s important to take a pause to thank all those close to me that have helped Confetti Bridesmaid exist today. Having a support unit has been vital and I want to say a massive thank you to Eloise John and Rian Anderson Street who have been my biggest cheerleaders from day one, Angela Baidoo for educating and nurturing my business ideas and to my mum, who has not only single handedly painted 60% of 91 Nightingale Lane but who throughout the whole process has had to listen to my midnight rants and midday moans. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all.

With Fashion week nearly over I am excited to see how LFW will filter into the world of Bridal. Its also the first year I won’t have attended a single show. How the times have changed.